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General – The signature of the guest on the booking form is a binding contact between each and every member of the party (jointly the guest). If there is more than one guest the obligations which they undertake can be enforced against each individual or jointly as a party

Payment -Your booking is only confirmed once the Booking Form has been signed with the appropriate credit/debit card details. Once this has been received we will send out confirmation. A deposit of 20% of  the total amount of the stay must be paid in advance and  is non refundable. The remaining balance will be processed 48 hours prior to you taking residence. Meadows Management Ltd reserves the rights to charge the guest’s credit/debit card for any loss sustained by the company due to Guests neglect. Payment to be made on credit or debit card. Otherwise’s cheques are accepted but have to clear in full before occupation. Damage deposit of £200 payable in advance of stay and returned within 7 days of vacating the premises (subject to inspection).

Cancellation or alterations by the Guest – Any cancellation by the Guest for whatever reason must be made in writing, fax or email to Meadows Management Ltd at the address stated on the Booking Form. Cancellations must take place at least 72 hours prior to the the booking start date. If you cancel a booking Meadows Management Ltd reserves the right to withhold deposit monies of up to 20% of the entire booking amount.

Prior to payment of the full payment where it is possible to accommodate changes to the booking at the Guest’s request Meadows Management Ltd will reserve the right to charge an administration fee and a revised confirmation receipt will be issues. Where the Guest has paid the full payment requests for any subsequent changes to the booking at the Guest’s request cannot be considered. Should the Guest then wish to cancel the booking condition of the above paragraph will apply.



Restriction – Meadows Management Ltd is entitled to ask the Guest to leave the apartment without a refund or monies paid if in reasonable opinion of the company the behaviour of the Guest or any other occupant of the apartment is unacceptable. In addition no illegal or immoral activity shall take place in the apartment. There shall be no interference with the apartment, its furniture and televisions. The Guest must be respectful of other Guests, not playing music too loudly or making a nuisance of themselves. Strictly no smoking on the entire site.

Limitation of Liabilities – Where damage, loss or injury aries from a breach in contact, negligence, misrepresentation or otherwise neither Meadows Management Ltd nor its employees or agents shall be under any liability to the Guest or the third parties for any loss or damage or injury regardless of how it arises. Meadows management in addition is under no liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by the Guest caused by any other occupant of the building.

Alterations or Cancellation by Meadows Managment Ltd – In the unlikely event it is necessary for the Company to cancel the Booking, Meadows Management Ltd will refund in full all monies paid and be under no other liability whatsoever.

Number of Persons Using the Apartment – Must not exceed the number stated on the Booking Form (both children and adults). The Guest will be asked to leave if this condition is broken and will be treated as cancellation by the Guest and condition 3 will apply.

Bookings – Meadows Management Ltd reserves the right to vary the accommodation reserved subject to the alternative accommodation  being in the reasonable opinion of Meadows Management Ltd of the same standard or higher. Three nights minimum stay. 28 days maximum stay.

Pets – Are not permitted with exception of the ‘Blackwater’ apartment where dogs are allowed following enquiry.

Arrival and Departure – Arrival – Between 14:00 and 16:00 unless otherwise agreed. Departure – 11:00 Prompt. Within 48 hours of date of arrival the Guest must make contact with Meadows Management Ltd to finalise all arrival details. Meadows Management Ltd cannot accept liability for any claim arising out of delayed arrival or cancelation of the booking by the Guest due to adverse weather conditions.

Guest’s responsibilities – Guests must leave the apartment in exactly the same condition as when they arrived, in terms of cleanliness and general order. An additional charge will be made if extra cleaning is necessary. The Guest will be responsible for anything which gets damaged within the apartment or its contents during occupation. An additional charge will be made to amend the damage. If the Guest is rude, Meadows Management Ltd is entitled to terminate the booking and no refund will be due. The Guest will be supplied with two keys at the beginning of occupation. A £60.00 charge per key will be made if missing. The Guest shall not make any duplicate sets of keys.

Access – Meadows Management Ltd or their authorised representatives will be allowed access to the apartment at any reasonable time during the booking.

Headings – These conditions shall be read and construed without reference to their clause headings, which are included for convenience only. To be read and construed with the Laws of England. No tenancy of the apartment is deemed to be granted or shall arise under these Booking Conditions.


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